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Ally Meserole


Phone: (715)223-2386 ext. 4206

I come from the faraway land of Colby, WI. You may have heard of it. I hear they have some awesome cheese.
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Science. I studied English Education and History. I earned my Masters Degree in English Literature Education from the Univeristy of Minnesota-Mankato in 2020.

I have been teaching at Abbotsford High School since 2015. 
I am a coach for Middle and High School Track and Field (2015-present) and Girls Basketball (2017-present). 

I am extremely active and have been for my entire life. I love playing active games (basketball, football, soccer, capture the flag, etc.). I ran track for seven years, played basketball for six, wrestled for one, and was on the dance team for three. In college I participated in intramural sports often. 

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