Last Updated: 9/10/2018 8:43 PM

What are the hours of attendance for a full-time student at FEAHS?
FEAHS is open 8-3:30 Monday through Friday.  The schedule of school attendance is determined by
Work Study programs and transportation needs.  A minimum of 17.5 hours of attendance per week and 3.5 hours per day is required if you also hold a job. Instructor determines if student need to attend more than the 17.5 hours/week based on credits earned an job status. 

How do I enroll in FEAHS as a full-time student?
To be eligible for enrollment at FEAHS, a student must be deficient in credits or meet other criteria, such as obstacles in not graduating with their high school class. They must also be a resident student in one of our consortium schools (Abbotsford, Colby). The referral for enrollment comes from the resident Principal or Counselor from one of these school districts.