From the Counselor’s Office For Parents of Students in 8th Grade

From the Counselor’s Office


Parents of Students in 8th Grade


8th Grade is a year to get ready for High School.


While grades from 8th grade do not count on high school transcripts, they may determine 9th grade placement.  For example, how well students do in math in 8th grade will determine whether they are put into Algebra or Algebra IA their 9th grade year.


Good study skills learned and used in middle school will be carried over into high school.


Mr. Bargender and Mrs. Huther will be presenting an 8th grade Parent Night on Thursday, October 8th from 4-6 pm.


In the winter of the year, eighth grade students will choose some of their freshmen courses.  In career class with Mrs. Huther, they will put together a Program Plan of Study for their classes during high school.  It is good to go over this plan with them.  The students will also learn how to use the Xello and Career Locker web sites.  These sites have an interest inventory and access to information about a great quantity of occupations.  Students should keep their password and login information to use for future inquires.


December 4th, parents are welcome to take part in the Elective Rotations/Scheduling to learn more about the different opportunities available to our students in High School.


Grades are only one part of getting into college.  Colleges and scholarship committees like to see a well-rounded student.  Encouraging your child to participate in school activities and volunteering will help them.


If your child is interested in playing sports at a Division I school, please make sure they are meeting NCAA requirements as they have changed.


If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call, 715-223-2386 extension 4202.

Lori Huther