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Cheryl Baker

Cheryl Baker
District Administrator


Entering into Uncertain Times

The unwanted and unseen virus of COVID-19 has impacted our district, our community, our students, and our staff in ways that we still don't comprehend.  Collectively, we've had to 're-invent' ourselves, whether in our instructional delivery or the way we celebrate.  No one could have ever imagined what was coming our way back in December of 2019 or even in February of 2020.  Our staff had to rediscover how to meet the needs of their students, office personnel had to readjust to a building void of movement, food service had to move from preparing hot meals to packing bags and delivering them, buses totally stopped, sporting activities came to an abrupt stop, and celebrating accomplishments and milestones had no resemblance to past years.  More than any other time in recent history, education experts were forced to think outside the box and entertain the unimaginable.  

In a twinkle of an eye, the school year came to an end and much like Humpty Dumpty, we've become committed to putting ourselves back together again.  We've heard repeatedly about the 'new normal', but what does that mean exactly?  There are numerous discussions around masks, or no masks; hand-sanitizer or hand-washing; social distancing and much, much more!  Our commitment remains solid in that we will do our very best in light of CDC and local county health guidelines and recommendations to provide for a safe learning environment, whether for our upcoming face-to-face Summer School programming or for face-to-face re-entry in the Fall.  For example, we are dedicated to performing 'health checks' upon entering the building by taking and recording each student and staff member's temperature because this appears to be a reliable indicator for the virus, however we are strongly suggesting that students or staff who wake up with 'any' of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 stay home until feeling better or seek medical advice if not recovering in a normal fashion.  It is NOT our mission to assume that everyone who is feeling ill is a carrier of COVID-19, but rather it is our desire to practice safety first for all involved.

So, what is this 'new normal?'  In a nutshell, the 'new normal' is paying close attention to our own physical health while also being cognizant of the health of others.  We will get through this tough time in history and our collective consciousness will be stronger as a result.  I for one cannot wait to see children in the building again and teachers finding joy in the mission.  Please help us help you reintegrate children into our buildings safely.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer break!

Sherry Baker


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