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District Information

The Abbotsford School Board has adopted a District Mission and Vision Statement to serve as guiding principles for all matters and decision making. It is important that the board, community, staff, and students alike accept and endorse the District Mission and Vision as a collective effort of support of the educational purpose of the district.

The School District of Abbotsford Belief, Mission, and Vision Statement:


  • Every student is valued and has a right to a quality education
  • Education is a shared community responsibility
  • Everyone is a learner and a teacher
  • Learning must be creative, innovative, collaborative, and relevant
  • Respect, honesty, and safety are essential to the learning environment
  • Students must demonstrate academic, cultural, technical, and social competence
  • Education must be fiscally responsible and accountable


  • To prepare life-long learners to lead productive and rewarding lives in a changing world


  • To be a school district with excellent staff, programs, and student achievement