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Watch the Abbotsford Falcons on the NFHS Network!

The NFHS Network is your home for LIVE

Falcons athletics.



Abbotsford School District is proud to announce that we have partnered with the NFHS Network and will broadcast our Falcon athletic events LIVE. That means that if you or family members can’t take it to the game, the live-action can be watched from anywhere on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

By Subscribing to the NFHS Network, you get full access to all content on the Network for our school and any other broadcast Nationwide! Subscribing is easy:

1. Go to

2. Enter Abbotsford Falcons in search box

3. Click “Follow” so you can stay up to date on all upcoming Falcon broadcasted events

4. Click “Subscribe” for all subscription options for our school

Thank you for your continued support of Falcon athletics. We look forward to bringing you top-notch broadcasts of our athletic events!


Get unlimited access to watch all Falcon events this year on the NFHS Network. We’ve invested in new technology that will bring you every game from our field and gym LIVE.

Full access to ALL content on the Network:

  - All of your school’s live and on-demand sports broadcasts

  - All other sporting events from around the Nation

Friends and family members who can’t make the game will never miss a play again! 


NFHS Subscription