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Empower Mental Health Clinic

"Our ultimate goal is for patients and families to report that symptoms no longer interfere with doing what is meaningful and important."

Person centered. Outcome focused. Compassionately serving the community through accessible, specialized care.Therapist will come right into the school and meet with your child. For more information contact your school counselor or call the office direct at 715-384-2818

"We aim to optimize the strengths within people that will help them cope with and manage today's stressors, and to give people the tools to live their lives to their full potential"

"We use a whole health, collaborative, client and family-centered approach to provide services that are individualized for ech person and family we serve.  Treatment is evidence-based, and comprehensive with careful attention paid to the psychosocial world of the patient. Positive psychology principles are use to nuture the Values in Action Signature Strengths."

Treatment Goals are directed by patients and their families, and include:

*Increasing self-awareness about the negative thougths and feelings that lead to maladaptive coping (anger outbursts, cutting, suicidal ideation, relationship problems)

*Using that self-awareness to identify strengths, and overcome vulnerabilities

*Increasing abilities to cope with real life challenges

Communication with guardians, community caregivers, and other professionals is an importnt part of the program. We want to be sure that outside agencies, schools and other professionals understand how symptoms and diagnoses are affecting our patient's functioning in other settings.  We work closly with outside agencies and referring proffessionals to ensure development of a plan that meets each patient's needs and maximizes outcomes.




Kris provides Psychotherapy/Counseling and Horticultural Therapy. Kris received her Master of Arts in Counseling from Lakeland College. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor.
Kris recognizes the positive rewarding experiences and many benefits derived from connecting with nature and the power of plants. In horticultural therapy plants, gardens and natural landscapes areas are used to engage and improve cognitive, physical, social and the emotional well-being of individual clients. Kris brings a vast amount of knowledge regarding plants and people- plant relationship. She has worked in the horticulture industry for over 23 years.
Kris worked as an Emergency Services Mental Health Professional (ESMHP). She has been trained to provide crisis intervention services; crisis assessments; emergency mental health service coordination; crisis prevention plan development and implementation; identify criteria and collaborate emergency detentions.



Chelsea has a Bachelors degree in Social Work from UW River Falls and a Masters degree in Social Work from UW Madison. Chelsea has been employed  with CAPC since 2013. Chelsea completed her internship with CAPC and stayed on after her Masters degree was completed.


Chelsea works with a wide range of individuals from children to elderly. Chelsea has experience with trauma, personality disorders as well as family treatment for eating disorders. She is trained in EMDR therapy as well as being trained in TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention).