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Student Absence

Read below for the absence procedures at Abbotsford Middle/Senior High School


If a student needs to be absent from school, a parent/guardian MUST call the office prior to the start of the school day (715-223-2386), or you can use Skyward Family Access <instructions here> to enter your child's attendance. Please Note: When calling in your absense, we have a specific "attendace" voicemail box that is always avaialbe. 

Students have three school days following an absence to provide a written parental excuse. Students failing to provide an acceptable excuse after three days can be considered truant.


Tardy: A student is considered tardy if he/she is not in class when the bell rings. A three-minute passing time is allowed between classes. Tardy slips for the first hour, middle school 6th hour, and senior high 7th hour are obtained in the principal’s office. Teachers will deal with tardiness for all other classes. Teachers dismiss classes, not the bell!

Excused Absence: Students may be excused from school for the following reasons:

Parent Permit: Certain absences are considered parent permit absences. Examples of parent permit absences include family vacations, job interview, court appearance and campus visits beyond the one excused, or circumstances where students are needed for family business. The Abbotsford School District does not encourage absences of this nature because of the lost instructional time. In such cases, a parent/guardian must request in writing a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the absence, that the student be excused from school for an activity, which is important to the family. In such cases, it is the student’s responsibility to overcome the lost learning and shall not expect the school to alter its program for such an absence. Under this provision (Wis. Stat. 118.15(3)(c)) the parent may excuse a child for not more than ten (10) days during a school year. Anything beyond 10 days will be considered days of truancy.

Personal illness: (Students will be excused only when a parent/guardian explanation of the cause for the absence is given on the day of the absence via a personal phone call to the attendance officer (principal) or designee, or by written note or phone call on the day the pupil returns to school. Should the student be absent on consecutive days, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the attendance officer or designee via phone call. Failure to give the school proper notice in the appropriate time frame will result in an unexcused absence. Anything without a doctor's note does count toward the 10 excused absences).

Funerals and religious services as requested by the parents/guardians (Students will be excused with advanced approval prior to the absence. The parent/guardian will give the attendance officer or designee 24 hours notice in advance of the absence by presenting a written note or phone call to the attendance officer or designee).

Professional appointments limited to medical and legal issues that could not be scheduled outside of the regular day. All attempts should be made to schedule these types of appointments outside of school hours.

Serious personal or family crisis. Consultation may be required with appropriate school personnel for consideration of excused absence upon notification regarding the reason for absence.

Not in proper physical and/or mental condition to attend school in accordance with Statute 118.15(3)(a). The parent/guardian of the student may be required to provide a written statement from the licensed medical official. An excuse under this paragraph shall be in writing and shall state the time period for which it is valid, not to exceed 30 days.

Suspension from School

 Any absence of part or all of one day from school during which the school attendance officer or principal has not been notified in writing or by personal phone call from the parent/guardian of the absent pupil of the legal excuse of such absence. Any absence that does not fall under the category of excused absence or parent permit will be considered truant.

Habitual Truant: A pupil who is absent from school without an acceptable excuse for part or all of five (5) days on which school is held during a school semester.