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  • Time/ numbers quiz

    El martes, 30 e3 noviembre. quiz "La hora y los numeros

    Presentations: December 4th 

    Christmas letter due El 14 de diciembre

  • Spelling quiz " La hora

    Spelling quiz : El jueves , 18 de noviembre

    Also activities from packets  will be checked and discuss after the spelling quiz

  • Weather reinforcement quiz

    Renforcemeny quiz : El martes,9 de noviembre

  • Vocab quiz Weather

    Vocab quiz Weather : This week  Jueves , 4 de noviembre

    Packet activities due: Tuesday , dos de noviembre

    Quizlet : El miercoles 4 de noviembre

  • Notebooks/ quizzes

    Please, Have your notebooks ready for this week, Wednesday, Ocober 27,

    You must have your front page with the information given the firts day of school and lll notes and bell work :

    They will be graded base on:

    Comlpleteness: 25 ponts

    Neatness and, creativity: 25 points


    Quiz : El martes 26 de octubre (Paises y capitales)

    El miércoles 27 de octubre: La quinceanera quiz


    Quiz: Fechas importantes el martes, 12 de octubre

    Fun Friday Cuba desserts. All students who haven't brought any food yet

    Movie Quinceanera: Monday after the discussion of the assignment/ Tiesday after the quiz Bring pillow/ blankets 

  • Spelling quiz L- Fechas importantes

    Study vovabulary from Fechas importantes: Quiz El miercoles, 6 de octubre.

    Activities assigned on Monday are due Wednesday after the spelling quiz 

  • reinforcement and spelling quiz

    Spelling quiz : Monday Sept. 28

    Reinforcement quiz : Wednesday, September 29

    Fun Friday: Puerto Rico / Food

  • Leccion 2 Greetinggs

    Students, please remeber to bring the 2 packets assignments (the songs, and the other big packet of greetings)this Monday. Some students didn't tirn them in. 

  • Parcial de reinforcement

    Review Greetings and Spanish names" Quiz Monday, Sep20th 

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