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  • Numeros

    Parcial el jueves, 2 de dicembre: Numbers

  • Greetings review quiz

    Greetings review: el jueves,11 de noviembre

  • Policies

    New group of 8th grade: Spanish policies due This Friday, November  5th

  • Mi familia

    Extra credit presentation tomorrow, Monday

    Assignment is also due tomorrow( Mi familia)

    Thursday, October, 14 quiz ( mi familia, ser, tener, hablar/and commands also

    Fun Friday: Please, bring candy if you have not brought any food yet.

    Please, check google classroom for project due Monday, Octobe3 25

  • Mi familia Lesson

    Spelling quiz: This week Wednesday

    Check google classroom for quizlet assignment

    Assignment given to you on Thursday is due next week Monday

    Bring dish of the country of your choice. You must know the ingredients used in your recipe in English and the name of the dish in Spanish. Points will be deducted if you have no clue about the dish.


  • Location of Spanish speaking countries and capitals

    If you didn't turn in the packet of countries hispanics, please, make sure you turn it in this week Monday.Only 3 students turned  them in.

    Check google classroom for quizlet assignment due This Tuesday

    Quiz : Location and capital of Spanish speaking countries

     Verbs assigment: Due this week Friday

    Also there will be another quizlet assignment about verbs. Check google classroom

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