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School Board Approved ACP


The Abbotsford School Board approved the Education for Employment Academic and Career Planning Program on September 19, 2022.  This Program is made up of our ACP Scope and Sequence and our ACP Calendar 2022-2023.


An Academic and Career Planning (ACP) Committee consists of staff, business/industry, post-secondary education institutions, workforce development organizations, administration and parents. Each lesson is 30 minutes each week, completed by a team of 1 teacher and 15 students.

ACP Portfolio/Presentation - Every senior presents to an ACP board made up of counselor, administration, teacher, and community member.  

Career Exploration - Use of online website Xello.

Speakers/Speaker Review - Four times a year we will have 10-12 speakers from a variety of backgrounds (military, colleges, businesses) presenting their occupations, how they got to their occupations, what they would recommend a student to do if interested in these occupations, what a day looks like doing their occupations, etc.

Career & College Readiness - Preparing students for life after high school.

The ACP Committee meets five times a year to evaluate and improve the quality of the ACP program.


In addition to being a part of the ACP Committee parents are encouraged to participate in the Academic and Career Planning of our students numerous times throughout their 6-12th grade career at Abbotsford.

8th grade parents are invited to participate in the 8th Grade Group Planning Conference/9th Grade Orientation.  At this interactive conference, the focus is on the children’s talents and interests, their academic, career, and personal social development, and their high school registration process. The conference includes a preview of the child’s overall academic performance, ACP Portfolio, Xello, ePortfolio, Educational Planning Guide, next year’s schedule, and NWEA scores. The students show their parents around the Career Locker website, their ePortfolio, and their ACP Portfolio.  At Orientation, the principal and counselors will go over required courses for high school.  Career and Technical teachers discuss the courses in their department.

11th grade parents are invited to participate in a Junior/Parent Individual Planning Conference to meet with a counselor individually to discuss educational/vocational ideas.  This is a post high school career planning session. They discuss post-secondary educational and vocational career goals.  They provide parents and students with information on schools, financial aid, scholarships, youth apprenticeship, vocational opportunities, ACT scores, testing timelines, etc.  They review their transcripts, classes they will take as seniors, and post-secondary plans.  

11th grade parents are invited to attend Post-Secondary Planning Night. Admission representatives from the UW system, the Private University system, the Technical School system, and the Military present information.  They also are available to ask individual questions.  School counselors are also available for questions.

12th grade parents are invited to participate in two Individual Planning Conferences with their senior and a counselor. They review his/her transcript, senior class schedule, and post-secondary plans.  They share information about schools, financial aid, and scholarships.  Conferencing gives parents and students the opportunity to discuss talents, interests, academic performance, and future goals in a positive atmosphere. They focus on each student’s academic, career, and personal and social development.   

12th grade parents are invited to attend Financial Aid Night located at Northcentral Technical College. During Financial Aid Night they discuss the FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Student Aid), different kinds of loan options, scholarship information, and college costs.