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Cheryl Baker

Cheryl Baker
District Administrator

Greetings from the School District of Abbotsford!

It has been my privilege to serve the community and schools of our quintessential Central Wisconsin rural town for two years now and I am still awed each and every day I come to work at our district's school facilities.  We are all so very blessed to have the beautiful grounds, the well-maintained buildings, and the wonderful staff that we do!

The students and staff have returned for another year of learning, co-curricular activities, and tons of social engagement.  This year promises to bring yet again our very best for our community's children and families.  The School District strives to always improve in meeting the needs of all the children who enter our doors each and every year.  To that end, we focus on school safety, sustainable fiscal budgeting, positive staff and student climates, ever-increasing academic achievement, and community-wide pride in all we do. 

The biggest change to this fall's return to school is our focus on School Safety.  A lot of effort has been put on communicating with students and parents the changes implemented since last year.  A few key changes include:

  • Entrance into the school will not be allowed before 7:45 AM each day and only through designated doors (seek out exterior signs indicating doors for entrance);
  • Parents will be asked to exit the building via loud speaker each day at 8:04 AM; If parents choose not to exit the building at 8:04 AM they will be directed to secure a Visitor's Badge from one of the main offices;
  • No one seeking to enter the District's identified doors will be allowed to move beyond the receiving office without securing a Visitor's Badge (visitors with badges must check out through the same office by which they entered); and
  • 2018-2019 marks the first year in which Abbotsford will have a School Resource Officer in the building 2-3 days a week.

Although many of these new security changes will seem awkward at first, I am confident that all will soon become adjusted to them and they will become the new 'norm'.  No one wishes for these types of security measures, but alas, our children are our greatest resource and deserve only the best in care and protection.  Please help us to ensure this type of protection by following the new safety measures being implemented this school year.

My sincere wish for all is a GREAT school year!

Sherry Baker

District Administrator


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